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09-01-2009, 03:27 AM
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Originally Posted by allstar3970 View Post
i love how much everybody knows about Lisin. I would be interested to see who's seen him play oh...lets say 10 full games? I stand corrected if anybody has.
I watched 15-20 of his games with PHX last year.

I wanted to add one thing nobody has mentioned yet but he drew a lot of hooking/interference penalties. I don't have any exact stats and maybe it was just a fluke that I watched those games, but I remember in a coulple games alone he drew 2-3 PP's with that blazing speed. I think he caught a lot of dmen off gaurd with those wheels and once he got a step on them, they hauled him down. Just another intangible I think he'll bring along with his offensive potential.

I'm no Rangers homer but I have a feeling he's gonna have a great year for you guys (25-30 goals and lots more highlight reels).

I only hope he gets the chance to succeed in NY.
When some of you "know-it-alls" finally watch him play a few games, I'm sure you'll change your tune.

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