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09-01-2009, 04:01 AM
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Since I'm suffering from insomnia, I'll throw in another two cents. Most of the media reports are rife with speculation and accusations of a coup from Lindros, Hargrove, and Ron Pink, yet none of those people cast the vote to have Kelly removed.

Pierre LeBrun's article on ESPN had some actual quotes from the people who actually voted Kelly out.

"Until we're able to inform all the players on exactly what happened, we're really not going to be too specific," Horcoff, hopping on a plane, told "There's some information and some news that came our way that forced the hands of the executive board to go in a different direction."

Something they heard Sunday night prompted them to act because, from the conversations I had with some of those player reps before Sunday, they didn't go into that meeting thinking they were going to fire Kelly.

"I changed my mind after what I heard," one player rep who requested anonymity told us Monday.
So even assuming that this was a malicious coup staged by Hargrove, Lindros, et. al., should we also assume that the thirty player reps, who were all elected by their respective teams, were so naive as to be swayed by such a thing to the point where they would suddenly and surprisingly (and overwhelmingly) vote Kelly out? Whether it was the right thing to do or not, there had to be some teeth to the reason for his ouster beyond what's being speculated by the columnists.

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