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09-01-2009, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Egil View Post
Dreger is just repeating what he has been told by members of the executive committee. Paul Kelly is likely going to have to sue to the NHLPA to get his monies, and with a smaller camp, is less likely to leak things.
So why is he simply repeating what he has been told, and not doing some digging of his own? While I will freely admit there is a possibility those reporting the issues re: internal audits, etc., could be making it all up, those seem to be pretty big things to just make up out of thin air.

If a person were to only listen to Dreger's report, or read the links posted here, they would have a completely different view on what is going on than a person who read the opposite.

You are right about Kelly needing to sue. If the brokers behind this mess are smart, they will pay him quickly to keep this out of court. If some of this ever did get into a courtroom, I think a lot of the reps Fugu referenced may need to watch out on the ice. While I will stipulate that if the general membership is apathetic to this whole thing, then they have gotten what they deserve, if I'm a player I am very disappointed in the reps' behavior.

Or else this "new evidence" they were presented over the weekend that was "too much to ignore" is some of the most incriminating material the PA has been involved with since Eagleson.

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