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09-01-2009, 11:41 AM
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Originally Posted by buckleboy View Post
so let me get this straight. [email protected] wear visors.(or cages)
and dumba$%es don't wear any facial protection.
There are many "what ifs" in life lots of bad things happen. play how you feel comfortable, but keep your fuken sticks down. (I don't mind if a puck hits me in my unprotected face), but a stick because someone cant keep their stick down pisses me off. By that logic its my fault if you hit me in my car but I'm not wearing my seatbelt so its my fault. how about dont hit me. why is a high sticking penalty 2 min, unless you draw blood? if it was the guys fault without the cage the penality would not change. I agree that you have to play with what protection you feel comfortable with. I dont feel comfortable with a cage, or visor. keep your sticks down, then us cavemen only have to watch out for pucks.

One little side note, my parents always told me how dangerous motorcycles were growing up. they were right, sort of, but you would not imagine how much of a better driver you become because you have to really pay attention to what is going on around you... I'm just saying.
You do realize that alot of players who have always worn a cage have never learnt to keep their sticks down? You do realize that is can be dangerous to both visor wearers and people who decide to wear nothing?

And your first sentance is just idiotic.

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