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09-01-2009, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by ericnut View Post
How can you say Whitney played like a legit #2? I've been a season ticket holder since day 1--I've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. I sit by a great group of hockey fans and we all agreed that Whitney's play was lacking. I agree he has the talent to be a #1 defenseman, but he's not there yet.
Because a typical #2 defenseman is someone like Beauchemin or Weaser. Our #2 was Pronger. Whitney definitely falls into that category. He just wasn't getting the opportunities of a #2 defenseman because we did have Beauchemin, Weaser, and Pronger, as well as Niedermayer.

Anaheim had two #1 defensemen, and three #2 defensemen. Sure, Weaser out-played both Beauchemin and Whitney, but he was also playing with Niedermayer and getting extra responsibility that goes with it. Whitney got time with Pronger, but the two of them play pretty similar styles with the puck. Pronger is just better at it. It's hard to judge Whitney's game because when he is with Pronger you see Pronger's game, even when some of it was Whitney's game as well.

Whitney is going to be the anchor on the #2 d-line, and personally, I'm completely comfortable with that. That's the sign of a legit #2 defenseman, in my opinion. He's not Chris Pronger, but he can anchor that line. Carlyle will keep him honest in his own zone, and likely demand more from him offensively. Pronger will no longer be the guy breaking the puck out on that line. It will be Whitney, probably with support from Weaser.

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