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09-01-2009, 12:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Fox X Mulder View Post
Obviously it is not in the NHLPA constitution that all members vote in the dismal of the executive director but that is something that needs to be changed.
It would be nice to know who the 30 reps are and if they were the ones voted by the individual team players.
Hargrove is a dinosaur and the Lindros family seems to have a degree in meddling.
Its hard to believe that 30 reps were swayed by the BS spewed by those whose intention seems to be one of creating havoc. Time will tell.
On a lighter note, it seems this issue has most of us who are arguing/disagreeing on the Phoenix/sun belt team issue on the same page.
It does seem nonsensical that a move as big as removing the head of the NHLPA is left solely in the hands of 30 reps, who then would think they need to decide without further consideration or consultation. Even if this is allowed by the letter of their law, it seems that ethically they would have a responsibility to report back to their constituents before making a final decision.

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