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From Twitter:
mirtle: NHLPA accountant quits after Kelly firing:
Bob Lindquist is much more than just an accountant. He is often referred to as the Godfather of Forensic Accounting.!OpenDocument

Sometimes people will say that so and so wrote to the book on such and such an area - in Bob Lundquist's case that was quite literally true.


Bob Lindquist who is the father of the Forensic and Investigative accounting discipline was presented with a "Lifetime Achievement Award" by the Association of Certified Forensic Investigators of Canada during the 2004 ACFI Fraud Conference.

There is no doubt that accountants have been performing investigations for quite some time and have, as well, been appearing in a court of law as a witness of fact or as an expert witness providing opinion evidence on matters pertaining to accounting. But it wasn't until approximately 1975 that the term Forensic & Investigative Accountant (ing) was coined and Canadians should feel proud of the fact that the term and discipline, which had its genesis in Canada, has now spread around the world.

The term "Forensic & Investigative Accounting" and its related discipline has been credited to two Canadian Chartered Accountants: Mr. Donald Holmes and Mr. Robert J. Lindquist. At our 6th Annual Fraud Conference Mr. Robert (Bob) Lindquist was honoured for his contribution with the presentation of a "Lifetime Achievement Award" which reads:

Here is the press release when he joined the NHLPA:
Mr. Lindquist is credited with helping create and develop the discipline of forensic and investigative accounting. During his career, Mr. Lindquist has been an active participant in many high profile investigations on behalf of corporations and governments around the world. Notable cases Mr. Lindquist has worked on include: Bre-X Minerals, the Volcker Commission to recover assets of the victims of the Holocaust, the World Bank Loan programme, and the investigation into the missing Romanian government funds following the death of former Romanian President Nicolai Ceausescu.

If he is leaving over this.

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