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Originally Posted by cleduc View Post
Having read a bunch and listened to a bunch of interviews, I'm left wondering if he's falling on his sword.

In some of the early reports yesterday, it was suggested that Kelly had a forensic accountant brought in to investigate Penny & Lindros.

We know Lindros resigned upset with Kelly last February. Both Hargrove & others have cleared Lindros as having nothing to do with what went on yesterday to the extent that a bunch of the player reps have apparently never met or talked with the man.

In some of the early reports yesterday, Penny and Hargrove were accused of a power play. Both have insisted that they will not accept a permanent job as NHLPA director.

Some questioned Penny's five year deal. Stajan and others said it was the players idea to give Penny the five year deal - not Penny's. There was a procedural issue with how they went about it so they did it again to make it right. Nothing sinister according to those who spoke about it.

There apparently were problems with Kelly a year ago. Then with Lindros last February. Then in the NHLPA meetings last June. So the players hire a HR consultant and four of the reps went around and interviewed every employee at the NHLPA to get to the bottom of it.

Hargrove wasn't "brought in" to replace Lindros. He was already on their advisory and moved over on an interim basis when Lindros resigned. Hargrove did his Ombudsman report independently and his only role was to present it to the reps. He was not in the room for the discussions of his findings or the findings of the players with the HR consultant.

Flatley resigned but he was not aware of what went on in the meetings as it was apparently only 27 of the 30 player reps with the other reps maybe on the phone.

So what if Penny and Lindros were not happy with what Kelly was doing and Kelly retaliated by calling in a forensic accountant to try and find dirt on Lindros and Penny vindictively like someone calling the IRS on someone else? Just a theory/speculation. But it fits with everything that's happened - including the resignation of this forensic accountant.

I think the media has been terrible in a rush to judgment of this situation. I think we ought to be patient and wait for the facts.

If anything, I'm encouraged by the behavior of the players - to have the structure in place for vigilance of the checks and balances needed to safeguard their union and to take the time and make the effort to professionally get to the bottom of these issues and then have the confidence and courage to act upon their confirmed findings when they knew the media would roast them.

As much as some suggest they're in disarray, I would suggest the above is a sign that they're finally taking proper control of their union and from where I sit, as painful as the short term might be, it looks good on them.
I believe these are different people. Murphy's article referred to a former FBI forensic audit specialist.

Lindquist was brought on board 04 February 2008 to ride herd on the owners and make sure all the HRR was accounted for. As you may recall the NHLPA had always had questions about accounting practises:
In his position, Mr. Lindquist will be responsible for ensuring that NHLPA members receive the appropriate players’ share (over 55.6%) of the NHL’s and its member Clubs’ HRR revenues as defined under terms of the CBA. Mr. Lindquist will work with his counterparts at the NHL and at the Club level in his role with the Players’ Association.
The information I was given was that the report was written by Ron Pink - since I would be astonished if Hargrove could write such a report. The powerplay was masterminded Pink. Not Lindros and not Hargrove.

The process and meeting without going to the membership at large smacks of an ambush and looks like a pre-emptive strike.

As with Goodenow and Saskin we will likely never get all the facts. It seems like the NHLPA is prepared to terminate Kelly in accordance with the provisions in his contract. In that case there will likely be confidentiality clauses in the settlement agreement and speculation will be the order of the day.

If walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, etc.

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