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Also here is a similar type of knee that I have from a staph infection. I got mine from a scrape on the playground when I was 10 or 11 and ended up in the hospital scheduled for amputation. Thankfully the treatment started working.

I have a hole in my right knee smaller than this but similar also covered with skin and scar tissue. I have some cartilege gone because of it. It was eaten away by the bacteria that resited antibiotics.

This guy plays college football and got it from the hospital during surgery somehow. 92% of staph infections (guesstimate) are acquired in a hospital type setting and they do not know why. Mine was not as severe as it could have been and in fact was a very mild strain of it and I still got screwed up with it simply from a playground skinned knee. You may think your bag smelling bad is funny when you are 13 but seriously .... wash your chit.

I'm just letting you know that this stuff happens .... a player in the NHL for either the Islanders or the Oilers a few years ago almost had his hand amputated from a skate lace incident from tieing his skates. I forget who it was now but he was a known player. You know sometimes when some skin comes off your finger from tightening your laces like a blister and it bleeds? That was all it took .... within 24 hours his hand ballooned and he almost lost it.

Iowa center Brian Ferentz shows a scar on his leg to members of the media prior to the Outback Bowl's DeBartolo Team Luncheon at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida on Thursday December 29, 2005. Ferentz suffered a staph infection before the 2004 season. He lost parts of his right knee because of it. (Cliff Jette/Gazette)

I would also say that this guy was lucky it was 2004 and not 1977 like mine was .... mine wasn't as severe and they were ready to chop my leg off.

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