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Originally Posted by Bluefan75 View Post
You're right, I did misspeak on the powers. The executive committee can make this decision.

Interestingly, according to this article, the reps were told they could go back to the membership, but the reps decided they would make the decision then and there.

While I fully admit there could be selective sourcing for quotes, it's interesting that no former NHLPA exec committee member(who you might think might have a pipeline to what is going on) thinks this was a good move.
I heard Kevin? Adams who has retired chat about it and he wasn't firmly down on it. Like the rest of us, he didn't know all the facts.

Originally Posted by Bluefan75 View Post
Too much of this stinks though. There are far too many pieces that don't fit. If these problems were of the nature to give cause, and they go back a year, why was he not canned earlier?

I still think this audit into Lindros, Penney etc holds the key to this story. If that was a witchhunt, then this evidence may well be incriminating, and the PA's biggest crime is the handling. If, however, the audit was conducted because there was really a problem....
One thing that came out in this was that there were rumours that the five year deal with Penny stunk of foul play/improper procedure. One of the reps addressed it. They made a technical error when processing it according to their constitution and they repeated the process so it would be handled correctly. Kelly apparently was advised of it.

The other part about that was that the five year deal apparently wasn't Penny's idea. It was the players who wanted to lock him up so that he'd be with them past the next CBA negotiations and deal. And then they made him interim director - again, that apparently came from the players.

So if this hotshot forensic accountant was looking into Penny, either he didn't find anything or he did a lousy job. Take your pick.

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