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09-02-2009, 12:13 PM
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Originally Posted by zecke26 View Post
btw: how is the TV situation? i saw that two PPV channels show the allsvenskan. both of course only available in sweden.
are there any games in free TV every once in a while? something i can hope to be streamed?

and does s24 really wants 79,- per game??? i would love to see the total destruction of bofors on day 1, but that's way too expensive.
Well, our situations are a bit different being that I live in NA, so I can't pay to view because of geographic restrictions. ... I mean Hockey Allsvenskan is such a hot ticket here in North America that one couldn't allow it to be streamed... yet another testament to the arrogance level of the cerebreal elite running that show. I don't know how Basketligan makes it, surrending the potential bids for American broadcast rights, and allowing people to watch the games from wherever they are.

BUT, fortunately from me I have friends and family helping me out, so I get to see the games even if it is a week or so after the fact.

I guess you have the option to log in to the P2P sites streaming live television although I think of P2P as jumping naked into a a big AIDS pool full of great whites with a bleeding Johnson.

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