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09-02-2009, 05:36 PM
Semper Sens
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I recently learned the rule of thumb is your stick flex should be 1/2 your bodyweight. By that rule, 87 is too much for you, and so w/e your flex actually is is definitely too much.

I have pretty much the same issue. 5'10" (5'11" some days), 135 lb, and I have a 95 flex stick. I can flex it a little but it takes a lot of force. I've wanted to swap to a lower flex for a long time, but I don't spend a lot of money on equipment so I pretty much need to wait until this one breaks or hope something goes on sale for really cheap.

First skate today though, since April, and my shot has definitely gotten better. Just practice with it and you'll get better.

Anyways, a good flex for you would be 75. Of course this is just a general rule. You want to use as stiff a stick as you can comfortably flex, so if you're really strong or something, you can go to 80-85 (or whatever flex they make sticks in around there).

I don't know how low stick flexes go in intermediate, but if need be by a really stiff junior stick and then put a stick plug on the end. Make sure the blade is large if you go this route.

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