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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
How high would Gretzky's point totals have been if it wasn't for his bad back caused at least in part by Gary Suter's cheap shot?

Speaking of Gary Suter, what would Paul Kariya have accomplished if it weren't for Suter's cheapshot on him? After recovering, Kariya was afraid of high traffic areas, and his effectiveness suffered to the point where a guy on pace to be a surefire first ballot hall of famer is now a borderline case to get in at all.

What about Barry Pederson? Prior to the discovery of the tumor on his arm, he was matching Hawerchuk's development curve. Now he's most commonly referred to as a good answer to the question, "What was the most lopsided trade ever?"
yeah, as i've said many times, even though suter is a huge longshot to make the HHOF, he should be immediately disqualified for what he did to gretzky and suter.

as for the pederson/neely + wesley pick deal, incredibly lopsided as it was, i hesitate to call it the most lopsided ever being that it has resulted in zero cups for boston. the 1st overall pick (guy lafleur) + francois lacombe to montreal for the 10th overall pick (chris oddleifson) and ernie hicke resulted in one conn smythe, two MVPs, three pearsons, three scoring titles, and four cups (technically, five). though, of course, boston is still reaping the benefits of that deal, with wideman and lucic being direct results of that deal and may soon win a cup or two from the pederson deal:

1. pederson is drafted 18th overall

2. pederson has two outstanding seasons, one very good one, one good one, and one injury-riddled one with boston, plus two excellent playoff runs, is traded to vancouver for neely and 3rd overall pick in '87 (wesley)

3a. neely has a distinguished career with boston, three outstanding deep playoff runs, retires a bruin and makes the HHOF--
3b. wesley has seven very good seasons with boston including two runs to the finals, is traded to hartford for 9th overall pick in '95 (mclaren), 8th overall pick in '96 draft (aitken), and 8th overall pick in '97 draft (samsonov)

4a. mclaren traded to san jose for jeff hackett and jeff jillson
4b. aitken plays 3 games for boston, moves to czechoslovakia, eventually signs as a free agent with chicago--
4c. samsonov traded to edmonton for reasoner, y. stastny, and 50th overall pick in 2006 (lucic)

5a. hackett plays 18 games for boston, signs as free agent with philadelphia--
5b. jillson is traded back to san jose for brad boyes
5c. reasoner plays out the season (19 games) with boston, then resigns with edmonton--
5d. y. stastny plays parts of two seasons (38 games) with boston, traded to st. louis for 130th overall pick in 2007 (reul)
5e. lucic is currently a budding power forward with boston--

6a. boyes has one good season and one bad season with boston, is traded to st. louis for wideman
6b. reul plays a few games for the providence bruins (AHL), is not resigned--

7. wideman is currently a very good point producing defenceman with boston--

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