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09-02-2009, 10:48 PM
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Originally Posted by akiberg View Post
what are you basing this on? i mean how do you just sit there and not only come up with this stuff but take it one step further and post it on a hockey board like its suppose to have some sort of meaning or something? you think he'll bring more consistently than Poni. LOL.
I think, based on every thing I have read on these boards that alot of posters should read, WAY more than than post.
Great post, other than not providing anything meaningful other than making up numbers and projections on a player you have never seen play.
My turn.
Stalberg-my unofficial predictions.
consistent 40 goal scorer, future hall of famer, traded along with jesse blacker in 2014 for sidney crosby, scratch golfer, light weight drinker, has 4 kids with the octomom, likes long walks and slow kisses, brings alot more than Poni brings consistently.
funny thing is my predictions are about as baseless as yours. sad but true.
might as well criticize everyone that makes a post. I gave out what I thought of him. Apparenty, opinions are meant to be bashed. Oh well.

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