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09-02-2009, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by ugotmybeef View Post
might as well criticize everyone that makes a post. I gave out what I thought of him. Apparenty, opinions are meant to be bashed. Oh well.
again, opinion based on what? quantify your opinion, otherwise it's no different than my predictions.
giving opinions on how many points lee stempniak is going to score next year is something we all can have, as we all watched him play on the leafs last year.
giving an opinion on a prospect whom you never seen play is not an opinion. but its not even so much that you give these 'opinions' all the time its the way you seem to offer them like they are a statement of fact. 50-60 points. 20-25 goal scorer, count on it. more consistent than poni.
too bad you can't give these 'opinions' of players to the leaf brass prior to the drafts. i mean, had they of known everything you seem to know do you think they would of taken a 25 goal scorer before the 6th round?

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