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Originally Posted by eric71 View Post
Defensiveman need to have, probably, the best vision of the ice to move the puck effeciently, to the right team. Odviously need to be strong as well, speed is handy for creating open ice or just getting to the puck a bit quicker to have a split second more to look for the open man
That's very debatable. When making fancy plays in the defensive zone, yes, but that's generally not done. In the offensive zone Defensemen have a lot more time to find and decide on an action then a center would. How many times have you seen a defenseman hold it at the point while they decide to shoot or where to pass? It's because they have the time and distance to do that.

As a center, the difference is very obvious to me anytime I have to fall back to the point. I have a LOT more time on the point, and there's one guy at most pressuring you, it's pretty easy to move around and shoot or make a pass. Playing at center, you often only get one glance before you pass, and if you don't already know where your teammates are, you're not going to see an open pass and you're not going to make much of one.

Vision is not what you can do with what you see. In fact, the less you need to actually look the better your vision is.

Defense have the best view of the ice. Centers pretty much always have the best vision. There are Defense with great vision, don't get me wrong, but the position doesn't require it.

On the original subject on what traits are best for which positions...

Natural Centers need to be creative, have vision, and be strong skaters, and have to be willing to backcheck and play any position. Center is the position where you're in the thick of things on offense and defense. You're responsible for running the play in the offensive zone, and you're responsible as the third defenseman. That's where the "strong skater" comes in. If you're not tired after a shift at center, you're doing it wrong. You have to play all positions because it's your job to cover the point, and when in the offensive zone forwards very often change up postions.

Winger: The ideal winger type would have great acceleration and a strong accurate shot, as well as good hands. Gotta be able to dive into the zone and do something, be it taking a shot or making a move to open up room. Physical play is also a great asset here.

Defense: Gotta be very calm and rational. Defense can't be impulsive, you can't bite on a move. Gotta be a very strong backwards skater and you have to be very mobile and strong on your skates, and by that I don't mean speed. I mean moves with feet to block shots, you have to have good balance to push against opposing players, and to match players movements as they dive into the zone.

Goalie: Gotta be flat out insane.

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