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09-03-2009, 01:27 AM
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I never really bought the natural position term, in the way "natural" really means, I guess. Your natural position is the position you best excel/feel most comfortable at a young age or when your start your career (for pros/juniors as many of them play multiple positions before then). So in a way it's their "natural" position but not entirely. Some players also have skill sets that allow them to excel in one position rather than another. For me, I really have no natural position. I can switch back and forth between wing (can play both wings but prefer right wing because I'm more of a shooter and I'm a lefty so shooting on my off wing is advantageous for me) and center whenever although that takes a little more practice and thought since both have different responsibilities. I prefer center though because I have a lot more freedom and can be a little more creative. I think we just apply the term natural "center" or "wing" to guys that are just so much better at that one position than the other.

Basically I've proved there's such thing as natural positions. Or not. Who cares, it's late and I'm pain medication for a kidney infection.

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