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09-03-2009, 09:38 AM
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Originally Posted by The Fuhr View Post
People slagging the Redden from the cup run have no clue. The dude could still make tape to tape stretch passes, he had a 14-16 game streak in the playoffs where he was only on the ice for 4-5 goals against (all ES), and players such as Corvo and Kelly came out saying his leadership and calming influence were instrumental for the OT games.

Kuba can't even bring half of that.
Kuba makes tape-to-tape stretch passes. Kuba plays much better defensively because he doesn't panic as much. Kuba last season was better than Redden was in his last 2 years here.

Originally Posted by TehDoak View Post
Dear Ottawa Fans,

Just because your D played well for 3 months one spring does not mean that D is any good. It means it played well for 3 months. Just because your d is, in your opinion, as good as the team D that got you to the cup finals doesn't mean your current D is anything more than average. If that.

Ottawa may never be able to recreate the team commitment and play they put together that season, but I don't think many fans are worried about our defense corps this season or moving forward.

This defense corps is uniquely talented enough that they can succeed by committee.

Originally Posted by Kaktus View Post
See, you would take Redden and Meszaros salaries aside. Good decision. So back to what I've said, this group of Sens d-men is not the same as 07. Weak imo. Am I that wrong?

The only real disaster was Gerber. Sure, Redden had his ups and down and ran into some injuries that season but he still was #1 Sens d-men. As soon as Emery was in the end things changed.
I would take them because we have Phillips and Volchenkov to take care of the defensive work and require better point shots on our defense corps. So the defensively superior Kuba/Lee don't quite fill the same need as the better shooting Redden/Meszaros pair.

Originally Posted by SilverSeven View Post
Redden was terrible on the cup run.
Redden was very solid during our Cup Finals run.

Originally Posted by Xspyrit View Post
Well, finally the Sens were just bad in the 2008 calendar year. I don't have the exact numbers but they started the 07-08 season going 15-2 and they finished the 08-09 season going 23-14-5 in the last 42 games (100 points pace in the 2nd half)
Clouston coached 34 games, not 42.

The stats are that we went ~ 8 games under .500 between mid-Nov 07 and early-Feb 09. 12 games under .500 if you count the 1st round smoking by the Pens.

Originally Posted by Luigi Lemieux View Post
what made ottawa so great was their high level puck movement, and that stems from the defense. i haven't seen that from them in a long time.

closing out the season well doesn't mean much considering ottawa was well out of it and was playing in a bunch of no pressure games against teams that were probably taking them lightly. the 03-04 pens, one of the worst squads ever iced, finished the season 12-5.
You needed to watch the end of the season to see that. Yeah, we added Lee and Campoli over Picard and Smith and that helped some... but mostly, Hartsburg needed to go. It was ridiculous watching our D-core keep trying to force plays up the boards, when opposing teams had already figured that strategy out 3 games into the season.

You can take the end of Ottawa's season to mean whatever you want. I happen to think that they never should have been that bad and being 29th in scoring the day Hartsburg was fired was absurd... Clouston averaged 3 goals a game after he took over. We have a team full of offensive players and forecheckers. We need to take risks, send two men in and force the opposition, not play it safe.

Originally Posted by PsychoDad View Post
So what basically the Ottawa fans are trying to say here is that the last years godawful Ottawa team was actually better than the SCF team from 2 years ago, just that the old one was more "defensively committed". Wow.

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