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Originally Posted by Kritty View Post
I've been using the RBK 9k Phaneuf pattern for a few years now and I love it but I don't think it's made anymore or else I just can't get it around here. Anyone have any suggestions on comparable sticks? I've looked at the CCM V10 Ovechkin pattern and it's close but not quite the same kind of stick. Anyone used Warrior one piece that can shed light on how they are? Any ideas?

I have used Warriors ie tried them, I am by no means an expert on Warrior, but imo they are fragile as ****. I personally have broken 1 mac, 2 johnsons and 1 kronik (?). And not one of them belonged to me and had to fork out for new twigs. I am a bit biased, by a bit i mean a LOT, try a TPS R10-R6, even an R4, i think you will be happy.

P.S Do not, i repeat, do not buy an R1.

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