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09-03-2009, 08:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Little Bunny Foo Foo View Post
If you read the news like you claim, then you would know that that Lombardi himself has denied it.
Actually, it's not necessarily the "denial" that many people are reading it as. It may be, and it may be Lombardi's way of couching his thoughts in gentler words than he really means, but it may also be Lombardi making it clear to Murray that the asking price is too high and leaving the door open. Taken literally, all that Lombardi is saying is that the risk is probably not worth it because of Heatley's character. What's the risk? It's the price to pay, the price that Murray is asking for. It doesn't necessarily mean that, if the price is lowered, Heatley wouldn't be more interesting to the Kings, since a lower price means a lower risk. That's the door that Lombardi has left open through his words. If he wanted to close that door, he could've used far stronger and definitive wording than wishy-washy "we could, but we shouldn't" and uncertain question posing. For example, he could've said "we don't want him" rather than "we can't afford it" (which is another bit of wording suggestive that the price is at least as much of the issue as the player).

Now, that doesn't mean that Lombardi is actively in the hunt. I think that he's sincere in his being uninterested, but it doesn't necessarily mean that he'll never be interested. Afterall, if Murray were to decide to give Heatley away for free, you can bet that Lombardi and nearly all Kings fans would jump on it. Of course, Heatley won't be free; the point is that it's all about the price, i.e. the risk, and Lombardi likely has a price that he'd be willing to pay, so it makes no sense to close any doors right now. Murray will probably never lower his price that low (to match what Lombardi deems is acceptable risk in this situation) and Heatley to LA will probably not happen, as expected, but likely moreso because the sides had different ideas of Heatley's value, not that one side denied interest completely, regardless of price, as many are suggesting.

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