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Originally Posted by myhockeyfootdoc View Post

Sorry to hear about all the skate problems. I am a 3rd year podiatric medical student, and hopefully will be able to offer some helpful advice:

It is in fact a projection of bone off the side of your foot (base of your 5th metatarsal) that is rubbing your skate, and causing you the pain. It is your bodys natural defense to react to stress placed upon it (Wolfe's Law of bone).

As everyone one this site knows, NOT SKATING is definately out of the question. You could try to have the skate "punched" in that area to increase the amount of room in that specific area. Most proshops offer this service. Only bad part is it decreases the integrity of the boot, so it will break down the boot a little bit quicker. I have Vapor XXX's and had to punch the heel out on both for my Haglunds (which is massive, trust me), and the boot has broken down a bit quicker than I was hoping.

In addition to getting the skate punched, some type of donut pad over the bony prominence could help. Type in donut pad in google images to see a picture of what they look like. Put the hole over the most prominent area, and try to make everything "flesh" (use thick enough felt) so that your bone doesnt stick out past circle in the pad. This should offload the area, and disperse the forces causing it to irritate. Only drawback is keeping it in place, and accomodating for more room in a (probably) tight area of skate.

It's unfortunate that hockey skates tear apart our feet so much, but the stiff boot allows us to be able to maneuver in a manner that would otherwise break our ankles. As it has been said, its the nature of the beast.

Hopefully the advice helps!
I've had 'haglunds', on both heels, since I was about 9 or 10 years old. They don't really bother me, even though they are now so pronounced and calcified that I don't even bother punching the boot of my skates because the haglund just wears down the boot until my heel fits snug in my boot during the break-in period.

I even went down to a size 10 on my newest skates (Vapor 40's) which is a half size smaller than the anything I've had for the last 10+ pain...and the haglunds don't seem to have grown much for the past number of years.

Do you think I should go get these boots punched? I was once told its possible to have a removal surgery done on the haglunds, is that true?

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