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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
That is interesting info, mine is on one heel and small. lately it has not bothered me and i just kncoked out that spot anyway so i should be okay.

i need to get on the ice soon and check it out though.

I am in my break period at the end of summer in between the summer league and winter league so I've not skated in 10 days. I am getting the DTs already.
Haglunds are pretty much a rite of passage. We get our 'Bauer Bumps' before we have a learners license. I always called them 'bone spurs'. I never heard them called 'haglunds' until I read this thread, to be honest.

I can remember the exact day I got mine started: Christmas Day 87'. I got a pair of Bauer Supreme 92's. They were the HOT skate that year. I went to an outdoor rink at about 10 AM and played until...oh...about 10 PM. The boots were bloody by the time I took them off. I never was out of a skate long enough for the initial problem to heal. (pardon the pun)

They got bigger for a few years...and probably there was some pain/fitting issues back when my feet were still growing.

Ive been a size 10 for many years now. Every pair of shoes or skates I own are distinguished by the same 'divot' in all of them, where the haglund on each foot wears a hole through leather. Right down to the plastic in any of my older skates.

I think if your getting them now (as an adult) you should pay closer attention to them and take better care than what I did.

Had I known about NOT wearing cotton socks and stuff like that...I could have avoided the problem, maybe.

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