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09-03-2009, 11:16 PM
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Originally Posted by 15 View Post
That is another trait of a good defenceman, knowing where to stand when a shot is being made. You can either be your goalies best friend or the other teams good screen.
I rarely if ever played defense (we Americans use an S instead of a C in the word .... sorry hehe) but most of this summer played with some pickup guys who had room only for a defenseman so that was what i played. I must say it was very hard to do when you are used to the forward mentality of forechecking .... this led to pinching on the offense and being caught deep all the time.

Anyway knowing where to be when someone shoots and not screening was learned rather quickly when the goalie got mad at me for screening him as a defenseman

Touchy fellows themz goalies.

Overall I enjoyed the experience as a "something new" kind of thing and look forward to playing that same position this winter for them again. I am definitely feeling less lost at that position now.

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