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My apologies again, I was in fact replying to the wrong person! Sorry for the confusion, of course I believe it was all on my end


Although it is possible to have surgery to remove your Haglunds deformity, my advice is to leave it alone if it is not causing pain! When it has more of a soft tissue component (which mine does), it is much more manageable surgically, as it is most likely either the superficail bursa (between the skin and the Achilles tendon) or the deep bursa (between the Achilles and calcaneous bone) that is inflamed. Surgically speaking this may not involve removal, then re-attachment of the Achilles Tendon in order to remove the bony projection(osteophyte), makeing the surgery much less complicated and invasive.

As you make your condition sound though, I would assume that you have more of an osseous or bony component, which makes the surgery a bit more tricky. As surgery becomes more complicated, the chances of deviation from projected outcomes, healing times, etc. increase.

I only would have problems with my Haglund's while teacing hockey camp during the off-season or during a training camp, where ice time exceeded 6+ hours/day. The best thing to do with that deformity, or any deformity, is to leave it alone if it is not casuing any complications. If your Haglunds is not getting any larger, nor are you having any pain, I see no need to get the boots punched. Enjoy the XXXX's, I'm looking into getting a pair soon!

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