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Originally Posted by Jonas1235 View Post
I'm just starting out with hockey. I am 20 years old, 5'10, 150 pounds. I am very slim, as you can tell. I'm going to just be playing shinny hockey for a while until I get good enough to play competitively.

But I need a jersey, preferably an RBK Premier one. If I measure around my chest, it comes up as 31-32 inches. What jersey size do I need?
Generally your hockey jersey size is one up from your t-shirt size if you like a loose fit over your equipment.

For an example I wear an XL t-shirt and wear an XXL hockey jersey.

I have a couple of CCM practice jerseys and they run large to begin with ... their XL is the size of an XXL by other companies.

I would tell you though seriously that going up one size from your t-shirt size should do you well. remember you will have shoulder pads in there, elbow pads etc. Even if you do not plan on shoulder pads as it is just shinny hockey you want a jersey that will fit around your pant top at the bottom of the jersey.

I use my XL jerseys as a wear around the house type jersey and not to play in. My play in jerseys are XXL

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