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09-05-2009, 03:56 AM
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Originally Posted by oceanchild View Post
im going to laugh when cory gets traded for a larger package than JVR. yes JVR is good but how many goalies with the upside of CS are available and have a contract as low as his. there are alot of good forwards prospects out then every team has one or 2 not every team has a stud goalie prospect and he is way move proven than JVR how many awards for being outstanding in the AHL does JVR have? none.

what about mile smith for brad richards or when luongo was traded from the island to florda you couldnt say he was proven. or clouier to the canucks for a proven top 4 dman that had scored over 20 goals. i think its vancouver that is losing value on this one. not to mention JVR has sliped in his future rates as CS has had his value increase. hockey futures ranks JVR as 13 and CS as 15 you cant get much closer than that. that all being said i think he gets traded to the islanders when they fuigure out Depitero is not going to last long. im praying for thier first round draft choice. althought im aware that it would take more im sure a hansen and raymond with CS pacakage might intice.

IF Schneider gets traded in the next 12 months (what we are discussing as his trade value NOW) then we will all be alughing aout loud at YOU for believing he'll retunr that much in a trade. Go ahead and mark this thread if you want and if I'm proven wrong I'll gladly eat my crow. However, I'll GLADLY bet wit the traditinal valie established for clearly UNPROVEN AHL goalies like Schneider and take the under here.

BTW, as a fan of both team, I'm hoping the Canucks hold on to Schneider until his value rises. I fully understand that this will likely price him out of Philly's range but that's fine. What Vanc could realistically exspect in return in a trade now is not worth trading him. I fully believe in Schneider in being able to increase his trade value as opposed to actually hurtin his trade value the way the Montoya did (and BTW, BEFORE Montoya fell flat on his face he WAS viewed just as hightly as Schneider is right now). I WANT the Canucks to hold on to Schneider for now, it's just plain stupid to trade him at this point for what is no mre than a 2nd rnd pick value wise (and yes, that IS his actual value RIGHT NOW, it has NOTHING to do with what JVR is worth right now). IMO it would be bad asset managment to trade Schneider right now (and believe me I'll blast my own team for bad asset management when it's warrented, just for look at the Flyers board and go back a get pages for a thread titled "Asset Mismanagment" for my views on Holmgrens last 24 months).

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