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11-10-2004, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
Exactly, Fletch. I do not understand fans that for some reason have it in their heads that players should be treated differently than all other employees across America. Why should not the players go after every last dime? Why should they not ask for the moon? Wouldn't YOU (the fans/other posters) do the same where you work? How many of YOU out there would happily accept a 35% pay cut and would be thankfull so long as you are just getting a paycheck?
It is a players right to seek to maximize his profits. And that comes in form of salary. On any professional interview that people go on, when the topic comes to $$$, do you not look to make the most? Who out there happily accepts less money, knowing that another company will pay more?
But who also drives their profession into the ground in search of that. And who can also have a company continue to pay them the same salary when they fail to do their job. Who can also afford to sit out when they are unhappy about something and not have to worry about their family Etc. Etc.

It's a two way street on that one and comparing to the "average" job is just a weebit over-simplified.

I can see the players points, but i can also see the owners as well. When you're a team working on a budget, you can let a player sit out and then trade him but the odds of getting a good return are less than other sports {the talent pool just isn't as deep}.

For every season like last year that a team like Calgary can put together, there is another 10 of futility and constant rebuilding.

You're 100% right, the players have a right to seek every last dime they can get. But the owners have the right to draw a line in the sand and say "this is what each of us can spend".

The bottom line is that at the end of the day no one really cares that there is no hockey. Except for it's limited fan base, the rest of the country is oblivious. If ever there is a sign that the sport cannot support 10 million dollar salaries and the paths it was venturing down, that is it.

A salary cap means that a player can still make 10 million but a team is only going to have another 25 million or so to spend on everyone else. Whether we like it or not, that is the owners perogative. Now if my firm said "this our budget" i should be so lucky as to be able to go overseas and wait my time out. Salaries have just gone too far out of whack at this point. Heck even many of the players cant and wont deny that, but have to stay "hush hush" or else their union "buddies" will get upset.

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