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11-10-2004, 09:43 AM
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I get your point, but I want to answer who: I've seen it time and again in my industry. A smallish broker/dealer signing on a few guys/ a team, from a big firm, for a contract that's a couple years' in length, and several million $$$. Mind you, the little broker/dealer has stars in his eyes because he see the production of the group (while they were at an entirely different firm) and knows that if they can do only half that, millions in profits will go into the onwer's pockets. Of course they don't pan-out, the owner's obligated to pay the group and either sells or guts his firm, putting it on life support. I've seen it before, so even outside the hockey world, it happens.

I too can see both points. But like I've said all along, it's still a business. Owners should operate it as such, and a business is in it to make a profit. There's a reason why Vancouver can make $15 million pretax, or Boston, or other teams can make money and still be successful. There's also a reason why the Rangers lose so much money and are not successful. I do agree something has to be done (for the betterment of the Rangers so we don't keep seeing such a crappy product on ice), but there are many ways to do that than a cap.

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