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Originally Posted by R0CKET View Post
I know I'm an old guy but why not simply go back to softer (leather content) skate like the old Super Tacks and Daoust 501s?

I think these all carbon boots are causing allot of problems.
Thats a great question. There are not a lot of leather skates on the shelves anymore.

They aren't totally obselete, mind you. I think Mission makes some soft style boots. Bauer has a new model (can't remember the exact model name) but it was patterned after a Nike skate and although its not quite a high end is the highest end Bauer skate you can get that isn't fortified with high-tech / hard shanks.

The thing is...the old leather boots feel like cadillac's when you first slip into them...but they DO break down faster than a hard boot and once that'll still have comfort... but performance is much less.

A hard boot...isn't fun to break-in, but once everything is seated, the comfort is just as good plus you have unbelievable lightness + protection factor.

I will admit though...for the price you pay for todays top line / elite skate... the craftmanship is pi$$ poor.

I've had more 'warranty work' done in the past 2 years than I ever had through 25 years before that!

The most common problem I experience is blades snapping in half...but I also experienced several rivets popping as well as a couple blade holders failing.

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