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09-06-2009, 10:08 AM
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I think the Leafs who will be on the Cup winning team that could be on the roster this season are:

J. Mitchell

I think a 2nd line of Tlusty-Bozak-Stalberg could be a great line in a couple of seasons, and would be a very good support to a top line of Kessel-Kadri-Kulemin. Both lines could have tremendous chemistry IMO, based on the way the players play the game. I'm not saying I think Kulemin would be the best player out of him and the 2nd line, but the chemistry would be different based on his play vs. Tlusty or Stalberg.


I included the obvious in Schenn, and then Beauch and Komisarek should still be on their first contracts when we're ready to contend (). Kaberle is still someone who would be able to lead the PP IMO, and I think that his chance to get a big payday of over 5.5 will be gone when he hits UFA, so he wouldn't be impossible to re-sign.


Yeah, not a hard decision to say the Monster will be our #1 in a couple seasons time, so I think he'll be here for the long haul.


Kulemin -- Kadri -- Kessel
Tlusty -- Bozak -- Stalberg
______ -- J. Mitchell -- ______
______ -- ______ -- Orr

Possibles: Stefanovich (move Kulemin to 3rd line), D. Mitchell, Hanson, Hayes, Ryan, Didomenico

Kaberle -- Komisarek
Beauchemin -- Schenn
______ -- ______

Possibles: Blacker, Oreskovic, Gunnarsson


Possible: Reimer

So yeah, personally, of our prospects, I think the extra forwards would include Hanson, D. Mitchell, and Kenny Ryan with Hanson centering the 4th line. On D, I think the 3rd pairing could probably be Blacker-Oreskovic, and I do think that Reimer will be the back-up in a few seasons.

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