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a kid from the neighbourhood was a hot shot player (played ''triple a' while I was just a house league kid)

a few of us we're playing street hockey one day and mr hot shot with his buddies (all wearing their fancy 'triple a' team jackets) tells me my shot couldnt penetrate a wet paper bag .

he never bothered to take the time to play street hockey with the neighbourhood kids so he had no idea some of us practiced shooting and playing street hockey every moment we could

so I challenge him to stop my shot and he accepts it --all the while he's acting cocky in front of his buddies and the rest of the kids .

so , this is northern ontario , circa 1979 , mid january
my sponge puck is alot harder than usual due to the -20 degree celcius winter day

from about 18 feet , I wind up for a slap shot knowing full well I could hit the middle of the net with some nice velocity at least 90% of the time .

zing , right in the nutsack and he falls over like he's been shot

his buddies gather around him to ask if he's ok while I grab my goalie net , put if over my left shoulder and head back to the house with the biggest smirk on my face

so I guess the worst thing I broke we're a group of hotshot ''triple a'' kids nuts and egos

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