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Originally Posted by Hockeyfan68 View Post
Let me guess, you're a goaltender.

Hey you guys can think whatever you wish about my views, playing goal is another position on the ice and the ice costs $$$.

... and yes I WOULD pay even if I did not have to for the same reason I would pay for my own meal even if someone else offered to pay for it. It's called showing some class and PROPER ETTIQUETTE.

Goalies who don't pay bother me, I'm sorry but they do. I see it in the same way as I would a freeloader mooching a meal.

It is my opinion of which I am entitled.
I certainly respect your opinion if you really do always pay your full share.

Do you?

Do you absolutely insist on paying for some portion of the extra (much higher) expenses of your Goalie's gear, even though they have gone out and paid those expenses on there own, for everyone's enjoyment, and not asked a dime in return?

Or do you just prefer to mooch in this case and not even chip in a couple of extra bucks to allow the goalie to play for what can hardly be described as "free"?

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