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You're probably right. I may have overvalued his 3 top-10 finishes. There were 6-8 teams in the league during his time. Finishing 8th in the O6 days means that you were 8th best of the 24 (or 36?) regularly playing defensemen. So he wasn't a number one d-man in any of the teams, but was a pretty good #2. Offensively. And he was at that level 3 times. I haven't done proper research regarding the value of d-men's top 10 finishes in different eras. So I'm not an expert, but to me, that sounds like he was - for a defensive, hard hitting defenseman - an above average offensive player as well.
He was there to HIT, to check his man along the boards and behind the net and play defensively.
That's the role he'll be used on my team as well. And, using the top-10 finishes as an evidence, he will not get into trouble everytime someone forechecks him a bit more aggressive than usually.

If I'm mistaken and the 3 top-10 finishes is actually a normal (below-average) resume for a defensive defenseman from his days, please enlighten me.

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