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Originally Posted by RichardsCannon View Post
im 6'5'' 190 lbs and while i'm not real heavy for my size, i've been using the power one95s now and haven't had any functional problems with them. However, if you're looking for skates to improve your acceleration or speed, i wold not suggest these. If you're big and looking to increase your acceleration, then i'd suggest the s17s. my good friend who is a few inches shorter than me, but bulkier and heavier, just got a pair of them and he praises their ability to do just that. He hasn't had them long though and i cant comment on their durability
No single skate, especially at the top end, is going to increase your speed that much. However, the holders, and the steel will. The Easton skates use RBII holders, which are very different from the LS2's on the X:60; the pitch of those skates might work for your friend, but not everyone is going to notice a speed increase by switching to Eastons.

Edit: He could also be going from a skate that didn't fit his foot right, to the S17 that does... a noticeable increase in speed can be seen from that as well.

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