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09-08-2009, 01:25 AM
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Originally Posted by nullterm View Post
Love this thread.

I'd just start breaking in a few pair. Yikes that gives me the willies.

I've had guys show up for games who forgot their gear in their bag since the last game a week ago. The SMELL when they unzip their bag, everyone scurrying to the furthest part of the locker room, watching them put on their still soaking gear. Good times.

I make a point of airing out my gear on the patio or storage locker immediately when I get home. Most important thing is to get your gear in a dry area so the moisture is gone so bacteria can't grow. Sunlight is good at killing bacteria too, but I've read people say that it can also have long term effects on the equipment. But I've not had any complaints. Just don't forget it out in the rain or morning dew.

I also wash the gear in the tub with detergent every so often, once every few months. Spend alot of time rinsing with the shower head to make sure all the soap is out.

One day I'll get around to taking my stuff to a local hockey shop that has an ozone cleaner.

Staph and other bacterial infections are nothing to mess with.
I have had eq get kinda, i guess "hard" or "stiff" from being left in the sun.

And yes im talking about eq

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