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09-08-2009, 12:53 AM
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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
P.S The majority of goalies i play against are not wearing high end gear. Hell, i spend more on my gear then most of these goalies and i dont wear all high end gear. This is just a dumb excuse that doesnt apply to the majority in my experience.
Totally agree with that. The cost of my equipment shouldn't have an impact on the fees I pay. There are guys on my team with 15-year-old gear and $15 wood sticks, and there are guys with $600 skates and $300 composite sticks. Both pay the same league fees.

Reliability is why I think goalies get a discount on fees, or free league play altogether. We *have* to play, or find a sub. Personally, I like paying 50%... still paying toward the team but also getting some respect for always putting my team first and personal affairs second.

Again, I'm paying 100% this year and I have no qualms with it, because I've been with this group of guys for a while. Probably wouldn't pay 100% to play with a team of strangers. It's the difference between giving $20 to a stranger or $20 to a friend. You can disagree with it, fine, but this is my opinion.

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