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09-08-2009, 12:40 PM
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Originally Posted by Fugu View Post
An opinion piece by an editor from the Full Comment section of The National Post:

From the article:

Both bids would allow the team to move. The main difference is that Balsillie wants to move it to Hamilton, where it would be wildly popular and probably generate big profits, while NHL commissioner Gary Bettman would like to continue his practice of selecting U.S. cities with no interest whatever in hockey, like maybe Biloxi, Miss., or Lubbock Texas (where it could potentially partner with the Buddy Holly Memorial Centre for a sure-fire double bill).

Balsillie's strategy is transparent. He intends to make an offer so enticing that only a true doofus could refuse it. Clearly this is another example of Balsillie's lack of integrity and unsuitability as an owner of the NHL, which prefers crooks, charlatans and windbags, who have limited understanding of the game and can thus be counted on to treat Bettman like he knows what he's doing.
You know, just because it's an opinion piece doesn't mean that is has to fall back on the same tired old canards. I went from tentatively supporting a team in Hamilton to now being almost deadset against it, and it's because of the way that Canadian fans disparage Commissioner Bettman. Errr, wait, let me snazz that up a bit for some of you... "BUTTMAN" (see, it's funny because BETT is close to BUTT!!!!).

Then of course the same old tactic of labeling every NHL owner a crook and a charlatan. Charming.

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