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09-08-2009, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by PeterSidorkiewicz View Post
People's opinion differ from mine on the equipment issue, which is fine, like I said, I viewed that as a part of it, other's dont, so perhaps I am wrong in that view.

Honestly I dont understand the whole goalie arrogance thing, are their arrogant ******** goalies? Sure. Its not because they're a goalie though, its because they're a dick in general. Just like there are tons of ******** players out there.

Basically it comes down to this, for pickup and open hockeys, you don't run the rink, you're not the one making the decisions whether to charge people or not, so why do you care so much whether I have to pay for open hockey?

And as far as league games go, if you don't run the team, then you should really just keep your mouth shut. I dont know if anyone here has ran a team, I actually haven't, but I know its a lot of work, making calls for people who don't show, collecting $, etc etc. So it should be up to that guy if he wants to charge a goalie or not. If he wants to charge him full, half, etc, that should be his decision. If youre *****ing about goalies paying less, then find a new team is my advice, its honestly none of your business unless you are the guy running the team.

Dont see anyone here saying goalies should pay for shinny.

What if the guy running the team started charging forwards or defenders more or less? is that none of my business? What if the team has two goalies and one of them is paying and the other is not? is that none of my business?

Why exactly in your opinion should goalies pay less then other players?

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