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Originally Posted by DevsFan84 View Post
Goalies don't pay for open hockey because (unlike the opinion expressed by a few people here) skaters in general would much rather play hockey with goalies. In fact, I would say they are more likely to show up when they know there will be a goalie there.

This is why the rinks let us play for free. And they like goalies like me who play 4-5 times a week because skaters know there will always be at least one goalie there, and will show up and pay for the session.

This is also not taking into account the amount of money our equipment costs to purchase and maintain (I don't think this is a factor with rinks in regards to paying for open hockey, to be honest)

If I had to pay, I would still play- just a lot less than I do now. There just aren't that many goalies around here, and most sessions would see 1 goaler at best if we had to pay full price. In turn, less skaters would show up since almost all of them want to play with goalies.

My guess is that you guys who don't care if goalies show up to open hockey probably play in at least one league where you can get an actual game going every time you show up. A lot of guys who play open hockey can't join a league, and therefore appreciate the fact that goalies are there because they can play a real game of hockey.

This is all gravy, though. The bottom line is that rinks make more money from paying skaters when goalies show up.
Most shinny you will have no idea if a goalie is there until you dress. I personally have played A LOT more shinny without goalies then with. Playing a season of shinny will cost you the same (if not more) then playing in a league. Also keep in mind diffrent shinny times attract different players. Shinny that is made up of 16-20 year olds is a lot different then shinny with 25-30.

No one is saying goalies should pay for shinny anyway.

The eq price point is still bogus for the vast majority of goalies out there.

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