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Originally Posted by flyersrock1
I was 18 in my first year of University loving the Flyers chances of a cup. My folks picked me up to visit the folks in N.B. When we got there I heard a hockey player for the Phil Flyers had been in an accident. I stayed up all night to hear that Pelle was the Flyer. It might be our Babe Ruth curse.
Bad stuff happened before Pelle Lindbergh's demise. Bernie Parent's pinched nerve for instance that wiped out his 1975-76 season. Maybe if there is a curse, it was the trading of Bill Clement or maybe Ed Van Impe. OK, maybe not.

Bernie's eye injury against the Rangers -- a game I watched on TV. Still one of the sickest things I have ever seen.

This team battled the career ending injury to Barry Ashbee and his eventual death and in between they won two Cups.

I recall watching the Bruins-Flyers game, the last night Pelle Lindbergh was alive. A Saturday night home game -- how rare. Lindbergh not playing because Bob Froese was being showcased for a possible trade. Then all the sickening news.

Then, Froese got injured in practice prior to the rematch with Edmonton with Darren Jensen in goal. That wild game with the Isles as the days progressed. What a roller coaster time.

R.I.P. Pelle Lindbergh.

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