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11-11-2004, 03:50 AM
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Which version are you playing pld ? There was a bit heavier step in the trade activity in the first release versions, but it was tuned later on in the patches so teams would be more active early on as well. The basics behind this type of pattern is that the teams are generally trying to see what they can get our of their current players before starting to revamp their rosters. That plus the fact that it will only be further in the season when things like "we're missing the playoffs (insert "again" here for the Rangers), so we better start shipping some older guys for picks and prospects" start kicking in.

I am currently reworking the trades for the next game and there will be more feedback in trading in form of a) reasons for trade rejections b) depth charts, team reports and custom team needs for human teams as well as c) some direct feedback from the other team while setting up a trade (and no, it does not mean a trade bar is making a comeback...I just found a better solution that will not giveaway too much but will greatly help in deciding who to offer and who not). And naturally, there is much more going on at SI Towers at the moment regarding the next version. Hopefully the game will sell a few copies over there as well, so we can get the next game out there as well (maybe even a bit more on schedule )

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