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Originally Posted by pld459666 View Post
For the most part, I agree with the post, however, if the league fee is a set $3,500.00 and you have 14 players (3 F-lines, 2 sets of D and a goalie) forcing the skaters to pony up the additional $$ should not be the guy running the teams choice. It should be a choice made by the whole team.

In trhe end it's only $20.00 extra per player (of which I would elect to cover if asked) but to say it's one person's decision is incorrect when that decision will financially affect the rest of the team.

It should be a majority rules decision and those that do no like it are free to find other teams.

I played for 3 years (Summer/Fall/Winter) sessions and the goalies always payed their full share of the league fee.

Also in my younger days, playing roller hockey, I ran a team and the first year we were a throw together team. We got along and decided to join as a team the following season. Everyone payed a full share. Following the season the goalie came to me and stated that he would not play for us if he had to pay the full amount. This is after 2 years of paying the full amount.

I told him to take a hike. Now, I probably handled that wrong in that I didn't even think to ask the team how they felt, but I (at that time) felt offended that here's a guy demanding to play for free when the rest of us (who work just as had for their money) were all paying full amount. I should have asked the team what they wanted to do and then walked if they all wanted to cover the goalie. This way there wouldn't have been any un-easiness due to my attitude.
Our goalies we use pay like everyone else because it is FAIR. We do it for Rec league and pickup games.

Shinny hockey isn't up to me nor does it affect my wallet personally but it still peeves me a bit that they don't pay when everyone else playing does. It IS mooching and their being a goaltender should not dictate a free ride because you can't play without them ..... which is false anyway.

How much fun can a goalie have with no players besides himself out there? How muich fun can a skater have without a goalie? A lot more than a goalie out there by himself practicing butterfly drills by himself.

No goalie at shinny today ... we played 3 on 3 and hit posts, it was fun.

How are they even different? They shouldn't pay because their equipment costs more? .... unless the old joke really is true which is "What do you call a guy who hangs around with hockey players? .... a goalie."

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