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09-08-2009, 10:51 PM
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So, I was in a similar boat as the OP - hadn't played in over 15 years (basically pre-contact leagues), and deciding to start out playing again (rec league, no contact)...

Went out to Play it Again Sports and got myself a full set of gear...
Helmet: Bauer 1500 combo (new)
Shoulders: Bauer SP1000J
Elbows: RBK/Jofa (Blue Shield series.. XT? ASD is a marking on them, couldn't find a specific name anywhere)
Gloves: Jofa HG6550
Pants: Bauer Supreme One15 (new, they didn't have anything used in my size)
Shins: ITECH Techlite SG350
Skates: Already have some random CCM skates that I use for going out on the canal with in winters (but haven't done it too often)... figure I'll just get them sharpened up and use those.
Stick: Powertek Endurance SR (Flex 90). Think it'll come up to my nose on skates, wanted to go with something a little longer to start with - and the curve on it is fairly minimal.

Now I just need to remember how to tape up the darn thing, overlaps to force to the heel of the stick right?

Also realized afterwards I forgot to get a mouthguard, so I'll need to get one of those still too.

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