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11-11-2004, 08:51 AM
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Fedor and Max had an off game yesterday but so what?

It's one game and they have been much stronger in the other games I've seen thus far including the one I went to up in Hartford last week.Also, niether of these guys will be offensive d-men.They'll be able to chip in but they'll never be confused with a Leetch or Coffey.

The name I keep coming back to for Fedor is Ohlund and I think it's a very fair comparison IMO.Very solid build, very good skater, agile and basicly a good 2-way d-man who will play physical but not crush people and will chip in 40 points or so.Maybe 50 in his prime years.

Max will complement his game well as he also has above average skills but will be more of an anchor who can make solid passes offensively.He will fill out his lanky frame more and as he does the edge he plays with will become more apparent.He will be a top 4 d-man for quite a while in the NHL.

I'm actually gad their heading over to Russia as I think it is better competition there, especially with all the top end talent signing there over the last 1-2 weeks.It certainly says something that each are sought after even with all the talent coming over and after the season has started already.

More importanly to me however is the fact that now we can really focus on developing Pocks' game by making him the "guy" on our defense in Hartford instead of Fedor-Max eating up the prime minutes and I think this aspect could be crucial in Pock's development.

Let Pock play 26-28 minutes a night and in every vital situation and I think we'll see a very NHL ready player come next season.To me this will be our offensive source on our blueline of the future and this season should be well spent focusing on his all around game and positioning on D while facing all the top lines of the other teams.

I feel this kid is overlooked and to me this kid has me almost as pumped up as Fedor does.Very solid size for a offensive dman and outstanding skating skills are going to allow him to recover defensively from some chances he may take.

Dom Moore is also really impressing me in the progress he has made this year from last.A guy I worked with had played at Yale for 4 yrs and in discussing the ECAC players he had played against he said Moore was awesome and would be a player and was actually significantly more impressed with Dom's game then that of Hugh's game.

Either way but I think Dom at the least can be a very useful 3rd liner in the NHL with the chance to become a 2nd line support player on offense, a Rienpriecht type of player who can fill roles on multiple lines and at either center or on the wing.

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