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09-09-2009, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by blahblah View Post
Issue? Not really. I was honestly wondering if you had some other thought(s) that lead you to the conclusion that the majority needed that reminder. Had you simply quoted TW or the OP, I wouldn't have bothered.

The irrational Chimera talk has nothing to do with underestimating the 'Canes situation, it's desired by people who don't like him or want to use his money to pay for Babchuk.

So in reality that left you trying to debate mostly with TW on not overpaying. If you keep TW's comments in context, you realize that in both cases he doesn't feel like we'd be overpaying. I'm willing to bet cold hard cash that he completely understands the situation the 'Canes are in. And, honestly, Ruth really isn't overpaying. You seem to indiate that the 'Canes want a d prospect in return won't happen. A marginal d prospect for an NHL player with no roster player in return? Seems fairly rational and believable.
All I'm saying was people were posting some unrealistic names based on what we'd be willing to give up and the position Rutherford has put himself in. That's all. You're trying to make something up about a simple comment I made for certain people to keep their expectations in check.

Ruth for Babchuk could happen.

Chimera, Ruth, and a pick for Babchuk will not happen.


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