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09-09-2009, 01:03 PM
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I just don't see Toronto having the assets Boston wants for this deal.
The biggest asset the Leafs have is cap space, and Boston doesn't have any choice with that.

As another poster mentioned, the ship has sailed on the Kaberle deal, I believe this too because Boston's D is all shored up...
Derek Morris was good offensively 10 years ago. Kaberle is a huge upgrade over Morris.

I do not believe Toronto has the assets to send Boston's way other than Schenn. Yes, I realise I said Boston's D is shored up, but Schenn is a special commodity, he is young, he is solid, and under a rookie contract for the next 2 years which would help Boston's cap situation...

Curious what Leafs think of Schenn for Kessel straight up... I do not think they do it but if there was a trade I see him being the only roster player\prospect boston would want...
This move would not surprise me, but I'm very hopeful it would not happen.

Tlusty\Grabo\Kulemin just do not seem like the style of players Boston would want or fit into their system, sure they are valuable and good assets, but not what Boston would want...
Tlusty and Kulemin have the salary that Boston would want, and waiver eligability which gives them flexibility.

Which leaves us with draft picks... Kessel >>>> 1st, 2nd, 3rd... I say this because the chances of getting a player of Kessel's cailber out of those picks is VERY slim... so I think if a trade WAS made it would have to include two 1st rounders... yes, it seems like a lot... but you need to give a lot in order to get a lot back...
The salary cap may be the determining factor. Of course there is no loss to Burke if the deal is matched. He just sits back and waits to see what else is available to him.

THough if I was BB and Kessel was whom I longed for... I offer Kessel 5.5 for 3 years...
Seems about the right money, but I'd bet it will be 5 years.

Well, actually, if I was BB, I would wait till next year... let guys develop this year, maybe hopefully get a top 10 pick in the draft, sure it would suck for Leafs for 1 more year, but I do not see a playoffs with this current Leafs team and what good is finishing 9th?... So I let team tank do its thing again this year and than send 2 offer sheets, 1 to toews and 1 to kane and force Chicago to pick one... but thats a whole other story
It is too late for Burke to tank. If he was willing to go that route, Kaberle would be gone, and Komi and Beauch would not be here.

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