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Originally Posted by Devils Advocate View Post
Realistic Prediction: 10th in West (2 pts within the 8th spot)
Homer Prediction: anywhere 6th to 8th - top 5 go to
wings, sharks, hawks, flames, canucks...crapshoot after that....if Yotes are close at deadline, a top prospect will be dealt to get someone who will insure a playoff finish.[/I]

logic behind realistic prediction:
Avalanche are a bad team
Kings defense is a year away, Smyth=injured, goalie?
Stars - New coach will hurt, loss of Modano/Zubov, Turco will implode
Wild - loss of Lemaire and system will put team back a few years
one of BlueJackets, Blues, Predators, Ducks, Oilers will finish behind Yotes...if 3 of those team finish behind them the Yote are in the playoffs...
You never really know with these things, but I think tenth is a little generous.

Colorado hasn't improved, really. I mean, they've got a new coach and a new GM, so who knows how that's going to work out, but as far as players go, they've basically lost Smyth and added Duchene. Also, they've now got Anderson to possibly replace Budaj. Anderson definitely has some potential, but he's unproven. He'd have to be one of the main story lines of the entire NHL season for the Avs to improve significantly, I would think. It's never a good idea to count on things like that. Quincey is a solid addition to the blue line, too, but they were the worst last year, I don't know if they've really gotten all that better.

Nashville will have Sullivan back. Other than that, there's not a whole lot of difference. Continued progression from Pekka Rinne is a must. They were the tenth place team, last year, with eighty eight points. The team remains largely the same.

Dallas is extremely tought to call. Morrow was out all season. That should change this season, and be enough for a huge improvement. Also, no Avery. At the same time, who knows how the coaching change will affect things. Tippett seems decent and Crawford seems like he sucks. Also, Turco was terrible, last year. Can he get back on track? Also, Brad Richards missed twenty six games. Yes, they've lost Zubov, but he missed 72 games, last season, anyway, so it's not like his absence is going to be something new. I really like the Skrastins signing, and Niskanen is really going to have to step up. In any event, I think Morrow and Richards staying healthy while Turco rebounds a bit will make up for Crawford, in a big way. I'm not sure I see Dallas in the playoffs, but I could certainly see them finishing ahead of us again.

Edmonton is also kind of hard to predict. New coaching staff could go either way. Also, a brand new starting goalie. Will Khabby let off the gas with his new long-term deal? Also, they'll have a top defenseman back, in Visnovsky who missed nearly half of last year. Like Dallas, the playoffs are far from a foregone conclusion, but bested the Coyotes shouldn't be too tall an order.

LA should improve, by how much, I have no idea.

Minny will have Brent Burns back, and perhaps Havlat will be healthier than Gaborik was. Wholesale changes in coaching and management could really affect things either way.

I like Columbus and St. Louis a lot. A lot. I think both will improve significantly.

Anaheim has gone through some big changes, but I still think they're better than Phoenix.

Obviously Detroit, San Jose, Vancouver, Chicago, and Calgary are clearly better.

I'm thinking ninth is our best case scenario and fourteenth is about the worst.

I'm not worried about Colorado and I'm don't think we have much of a shot against Detroit, San Jose, Vancouver, Chicago, Calgary, St. Louis, Columbus or Anaheim.

So I guess it comes down to how many of Nashville, Dallas, LA, Edmonton, and Minnesota we'll be better than. I really don't think it will be all five. One or two, is my guess.

My guess is we finish at twelve or thirteen, which is where we were last season.

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