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09-09-2009, 01:21 PM
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Originally Posted by Vagrant View Post
The thing about his potential contract is that if any team was convinced he was a player that was worth $1,307,811 - $2,615,623, they would have already offered him an offer sheet and given up the 2nd round compensatory pick. The fact that we have not seen that, and his agent has been active in shopping him for the past few months, is evidence to me that no team out there is willing to give up that compensation when his value falls in the lower end of that compensation bracket.

If a team was convinced he was a $3 million per year player, they would have no problem making the $2.6 million offer to him and giving up the proper compensation for it. It would be a no brainer that Carolina wouldn't even match the $1.31 number and would walk away with the 2nd round pick from any team smiling.
Sound enough logic, but 2.6 might has well be 3.5 for us at this point. I'll admit I forgot that his agent could actually be in talks with other GM's. Having said that, teams are resistant to giving up 2nd round picks. They tend to make good bargaining chips. In our case a mid-level prospect might make more sense. You pretty much covered that in a later post.

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