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09-09-2009, 07:22 PM
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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
So what you are saying is that the price of other sports in no way has an effect on the number of kids that sign up each year?

Just want to make sure this is what your saying.
this is the 2nd time this evening that you are putting words into my mouth. "So you are saying"

I said what I'm saying are you having a hard time reading what I'm saying?

I'm the one who started *****ing about the cost of hockey in ON (Pickering)
I am saying that this string is about hockey and the dwindling enrollment numbers. The cost is one of the reasons that the numbers are falling. The person who brought up commitment issue brought up a good point too. I would like to add the hour of the morning we have to skate is also a pain, but one I'll gladly live with.

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