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11-11-2004, 02:11 PM
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Originally Posted by NYR2
Stupid question, but would both of them be able to come back and play for the Pack if they make it into the playoffs? I don't know when the season ends in Russia or what the rules are about them coming back.
they can't be recalled to hartford after dec 15th...they can only be recalled by the rangers if the lockout ends. i'm assuming that if they are recalled by the rangers cause the season starts they could then be re-assigned to hartford.

if the whole season is lost due to the lockout, then they will remain in russia and be available to play for russia in the world championships...

however known of these rules are written in stone and lots of times getting around the rule just requires permission from the other if lets say when russia names their WC roster both guys are left off the team because all nhlers are available instead of just the guys who aren't in the playoffs like a normal year. at that point i'm sure the rangers could ask their respective russian clubs to return them for the ahl playoffs and i doubt they would say no if the alternative was to send them home for the summer. i could see them refusing to send them back if team russia wanted them, but not if they aren't going to be on the team.

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